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Oven group Metos Chef 220/200/2928 - 480/3PE/60 Marine

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Oven group with Chef 220 roasting oven, Chef 200 proving cabinet and stand Chef 2928. CHEF 220 ROASTING BAKING OVEN - stainless steel cabinet and exterior surface - large double-glazed door - temperature: +50-300°C - separate regulating for upper and lower heating elements - manual valve for taking out the humidity from the cabinet - 2 removable pairs of rails CHEF 200 PROVING CABINET - cabinet, door and external surface stainless steel - temperature: +20-60°C - timer 0-120 min or continuous - pre-heating time (35°C): 20 min - humidity % can be adjusted - water pool filling by turning switch - can be installed separately or one on the other with Metos Chef 220, 240 and 50 ovens Accessories (not included in the price): - rack for baking trays: 5 pairs of rails, 450x600 mm

Technical Specifications




480 V, 10 A, 5,6 kW, 3PE, 60 Hz

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