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Grinder cleaning tablet Metos Urnex Grindz

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For cleaning coffee bean grinders blades. The product is a completely natural, food safe, tasteless and odorless compound in the form of a coffee bean tablet. Grindz ™ quickly and efficiently removes coffee grease from the bean mill blades and grinder housing. No need to disassemble the coffee grinder, just run through the Grindz ™ grinder once and the grinder is clean. Directions for use for espresso bean grinders: Clean once a week, for in-store coffee bean grinders: Clean once or twice a month. 1. Empty the bean grinder from the coffee beans. 2. Add Grindz ™ Grinder Cleaner. Serve one cork (about 35-40 gr) on an espresso bean grinder or 2 cans (about 70-80 gr) on a coffee bean grinder. 3. Adjust the grind to medium and start grinding. 4. Clean the residue by grinding a small amount of beans (approx. 20 gr). 5. Repeat if necessary. 6. Wipe the bean container, mouthpiece, and silo with a damp cloth and dry well. Note: There may be some dust when cleaning, but it is completely harmless. Close the tablet can and keep it dry. Contents: Protected composition containing grains and cereals (containing wheat) and food binder. One wash is enough for 10 washes for an espresso grinder and...

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