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Mixer Metos Bear RN10 VL-2, table top model with attachment drive

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A motor of table top model Metos Bear RN10 VL-2 is powerful but very quiet. Variable speed control and possible to store up programs with different time and speed settings makes this mixer an unparalleled assistance for baking and food preparation. The mixer is equipped with an attachment drive for a meat mincer and vegetable cutter (options). The electronic control panel allows you to choose between variable speed or one of the four fixed speed programs. The control panel can be used to store up to four individual programs with different time and speed settings. The control panel also features an electronic 60-minute timer and a pause function which can be used when inspecting the contents of the bowl. "The capacity of Metos Bear RN10 VL-2 for 10 liter bowl 50%, 3,5 kg mashed potatoes, 2,5 liters whipped cream. The transparent safety guard protects against dust and also prevents the flour dusting to the room. The guard is magnetically attached without any mechanical fittings, so it can be removed and cleaned in no time. The safety guard has an integrated filling chute. The stainless steel scraper physically scrapes the sides of the bowl and makes manual scraping unnecessary. ...

Technical Specifications




230 V, 10 A, 0,7 kW, 1NPE, 50/60 Hz

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