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Washer extractor Primus RX520 480/3PE/60 Marine

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- Wash speed 42 - Exraction: 490rpm - Stainless steel top and fron panel (AISI 304) - Xcontrol - easy to use microprocessor - Rigid mounted, medium spin 100 G-factor - Stainless steel drum and tub - Easy access to all vital parts from the front - Patented soap hopper - Large drain valve (Ø76 mm) - Frequency controlled motor - PowerWash® perforated lifting ribs more mechanical action, lower water consumption - Measurement of unbalance by means of frequency invertor - SuperEco washing programmes - significantly reduces water and electricity consumption OPTIONS - Xcontrol Plus - Fully programmable - Coin operated timer (CPS) - USB plug (on the back panel) - Easy Soap - liquid soaps connection - Liquid soap pumps - Water recovery kit - Steam heating version - Drain pump (RX80) - 3rd water inlet

Technical Specifications




480 V, 25 A, 43 kW, 3PE, 60 Hz, 65 dB CW: 1" Drain: ø 76 mm

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