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Mixer Metos Bear Teddy 5, table top model with attachment dr

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Metos Bear 5 is a compact mixer with powerful but very quiet motor. This sturdy and easy to use, professional mixer is equipped with the three different tools for kneading, mixing and whipping. The mixer is equipped with an attachment drive for a meat mincer (option). Metos Bear 5 has a stepless speed adjustment. The motor in mixer is extremely powerful also at low speeds when strength is needed. The bowl locking keeps the bowl securely in place and rubber feet holds the machine tightly on the table. The control knob, which is used to control the speed and to turn the machine on and off, is located in an ergonomically correct position on both sides of the machine. It can therefore be operated using either the right or the left hand. This also means the mixer can be positioned flush against a wall since it can be operated from either side. "The capacity of Metos Bear 5 kg, minced meat 4 kg, whipped cream 1,5 liters, sponge cake 12 eggs. There are no visible screws or joins on the smooth, even surfaces of the machine. It is therefore simple and easy to clean. The bowl and the tools (whip, beater and hook) are made of stainless steel and are therefore dishwasher safe. - Attachme...

Technical Specifications




230 V, 6 A, 0,5 kW, 1N, 50/60 Hz

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