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Induction range Metos Ardox IE2 440/3PE/60 Marine

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Induction range, 2 zones Diameter of the zones 260 mm. Made completely out of stainless steel. On an open stand with a stainless shelf. Fast, efficient and safe. - Induction range produces virtually no excess heat to the kitchen - Considerably faster than an electric or gas range - Immediate reaction to power adjustment - The range itself does not warm up and is always cooler than the cooking vessel - Spill-overs do not burn in the cool surfaces - Heat is produced only when a cooking vessel with min diam. 120mm is on the zone - Energy consumption significantly lower than that of an electric range Because of the operating principle, the cooking vessels used must have a magnetic bottom. Best results can be achieved with steel vessels with either sandwich or compoind bottom. Most cast iron cooking vessels work. Aluminium vessels are not recommended and they usually do not work.

Technical Specifications




440 V, 13 A, 7,5 kW, 3PE, 60 Hz

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