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6540561-RUBBER Connection 57/48 MM

Brand EVAC
AED121 (including VAT)

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Available spare part for Electrolux-type Toilets
Reducer 57/48
Old no: 491 50 67-01

Used with:
6543521 Vacuum Interface Unit 2 L, Connection Upwards
6545872 Vacuum Interface Unit 5 L, Connection Upwards
6543063 Evacnoback Valve
6551652 Evac Classic Toilet, Wall Model, Toscana (Control Mechanism on Porcelain)
6551653 Evac Classic Toilet, Wall Model USPH, Toscana (Control Mechanism on Porcelain)
6543766 Wall Push Button Kit
6544286 Evac Classic Toilet, Wall Model,  (Control Mechanism on Porcelain)
6544287 Evac Classic Toilet, Wall Model USPH,  (Control Mechanism on Porcelain)
6545044 Retrofit kit for Evac Classic Toilets (P/N 6542423 and P/N 6542463)
6541672 Vacuum Interface Unit 7 L, Connection Downwards
6541673 Vacuum Interface Unit 7 L, Connection Upwards

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